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Credit Counseling Utica KY If you are trying to find an experienced credit counseling company in Utica, KY, you are not alone. More than 1,808 people in Utica have credit concerns or significant debt. We help our users find the best solutions to low credit ratings, overwhelming debt, and excessive annual percentage rates.

Utica KY Credit Counseling

Initially, credit counseling was developed to help creditors collect debts from consumers who were not current on their repayment demands. This means a good number of credit counseling agencies are very reasonably priced.

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Have you been spending more than one half of what you earn paying off debts? If so, we suggest you find professional help as quick as possible. For the average Utica consumer who has an income of $3,517 monthly, this is $1,759 or more monthly.

Debt management programs, aka DMP’s, are often associated with with credit counseling. A debt management program is a method of consolidating debt, given that the money you owe each month is consolidated into one monthly sum, but there is no loan necessary. Your credit counselor will handle payment to the credit card companies each month. The only thing you’ll need to do is supply them with just one payment amount.

Steering Clear of Credit Counseling Ripoffs: Utica, KY

Overall, credit counseling has been vetted by the FTC and other state and federal authorities, but there are numerous of ways to ensure that your Utica credit counseling service is legitimate:

  • Request testimonials
  • View their BBB
  • Check that your specialist is licensed

For details, check out this FTC post on the topic.

Credit Counseling Utica KY

If your creditors agree to participate in your Utica credit card counseling service’s debt management plan, you’ll get to enjoy lower interest levels and penalties.

To find out what amount a DMP could save you, you need to get in touch with a qualified credit counselor in Utica, KY – today!

Credit and Debt Counseling Agencies in Utica, KY

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