Debt Consolidation: Florence (KY)

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Debt Consolidation Loans Florence KY

Of the 41,466 residents of Florence, 3,476 can only afford to make their minimum credit card payments. Don’t panic if that’s you.. Debt consolidation might be the answer.

For a no obligation debt consultation, please call us or fill out our contact form. KY Debt Relief can match you to a debt consolidation consultant in Florence, KY, based on where you live, how much debt you have, and various other variables.

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Debt Management Plans: Florence, KY

Debt Consolidation Companies Florence KY

Most commonly, debt consolidation in Florence, KY, will involve working with an agency to manage debt through a credit card consolidation program.

This DMP provides several benefits:

  • Lower Payment
  • Less Expensive Annual Percentage Rates
  • Waived Late Payment Fees

Also, this is one of the cheapest strategies for consolidating debt in Florence, KY. Registration ought to cost approximately $75, and the monthly fee will be $25-40.

Debt Consolidation Florence KY

Florence (KY) Debt Consolidation Loans

If you’ve got excellent credit, you may be able to secure a debt consolidation loan to pay back your debt.

The main advantages of debt consolidation loans in Florence, KY, mirror those of debt management programs:

  • Reduced Calls from Debt Collectors
  • Fewer Inconveniences
  • Less Expensive Rates
  • Consolidated Debt
  • Minimal Credit Score Problems

If you have below-average credit, securing a debt consolidation loan in Florence will be an obstacle. Get in touch with a debt consolidation professional to learn which approach will be right for you.

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Payday Loans Consolidation in Florence, KY

Consolidating payday loans in Florence, KY, has become practically as common as debt consolidation for credit card debt. There are 41,466 people in Florence, and approximately 2,156 apply for and obtain at least one cash advance per year. Sadly, roughly 1,639 of these individuals end owing money on several payday loans. That’s astounding, right? It’s about 75%! Have you found yourself overdue on more than one of these loans? That’s okay, we work with a payday loan consolidation company in Florence, KY, that can:

  • Decrease excessively high payday loan rates of interest.
  • Lower payday lender telephone calls.
  • Combine various payday loans.
  • Develop a strategy for repayment.

Are you ready to get rid of payday loan debt?

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Florence, KY Debt Loads

Do you know how much credit card debt you owe? In an ideal world, only 36% of your income will be allotted to paying down debts. Such debts include everything you owe, whether secured or not:

  • Credit Cards
  • Any Loans
  • Rent or Home Loan Payments

Let’s suppose you earn $1,977 per month, which is the average for Florence residents, then, preferably, you would spend less than $712 monthly. Sadly, many Florence residents have considerable debt, recognized by debt-to-income ratios of more than 50%. That means they are spending more than $989 a month!

There are 41,466 people living in Florence, and 3,476 can only afford to make their minimum monthly payments. No need to panic..

Debt Consolidation Companies in Florence, KY

  • Credit Counseling Centers, 7430 US-42, 41042
  • CCCS of Greater Cincinnati – A Division of Apprisen Financial Advocates, 11 Shelby St, 41042
  • Advantage Debt Management, 73 Cavalier Blvd, 41042