How To Avoid 4 Pesky Cellphone Fees

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Cellphones have become as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Can you remember the last time you went an hour without using or at least checking your cell? Along with these tools, come fees. Many are unavoidable, but these four fees can be eliminated from your bill.

  • The major carriers like to tack on a $35 activation fee. You should watch for promotions that waive the fee or tell the salesperson that you will go with a different carrier if they do not waive it.
  • Unlimited texting usually cost $20 a month. You can avoid that fee if you have an iPhone or Android by downloading the Textfree app.
  • It costs a few dollars each time you use 411. To avoid the fee use 1-800-BING-411 or 1-800-FREE-411.
  • The last fee is often called ”cramming”. A third party will add small fees to your cell bill that frequently go unnoticed. After all, who notices an extra 99 cents? Contact your carrier to block all third party fees.

One of your best tools is to double check your cellphone bill each month. Carriers are notorious for inventing fees and third parties can sneak fees in after you download a new ringtone. Keeping an eye on your bill can save you hundreds of dollars each year.